Our Mission

Mtrade was created to develop an electronic marketplace that makes it easier to trade bonds, promoting price transparency, liquidity and equal access to all participants.With these core values, we believe we can create over time the deepest liquidity pool that will increase efficiency and reduce transaction costs.

Mtrade is Cicada's flagship product, in the quest to improve the efficiency of the financial systems in emerging markets.

Company’s founders
Javier Hernández Rivero
Javier leads the design of Mtrade’s electronic marketplace for bonds, he is responsible for ensuring a correct technological development, including connectivity and overall coordination and execution of business and regulatory processes.
Ignacio Tovar Fernández
Ignacio leads the development team behind Mtrade, blending his experience in design, technology and business strategy. He is responsible of identifying user needs, technological advances and emerging industry standards, and translating these into innovative solutions.
Manuel Ballesteros Davó
Manuel leads the effort of fostering the institutional relationships that make Mtrade's ecosystem work. With his 20 year experience trading in the market, he oversees the strategy of deployment of the expanding portfolio of instruments available in Mtrade.
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